How can I improve quality of replay

I’m trying to capture replay using OW
Can I improve quality of captured replays?

I changed a encoder X264 to Nvidia, but it didn’t work.


It’s my video settings.

My video quality is low

When you say that the video quality is low, in what way do you mean that?

Generally speaking, the video quality is mostly dictated by several parameters:

  • Video height/width (which make up the raw resolution). This is also affected by the frame_size_method and base_frame_size_source parameters, which have a specific interaction that is causing them to not do anything in your current settings
  • max_kbps (which determines the video’s actual bitrate, and is inversely correlated to how compressed the video will be)
  • encoder (which just controls the encoder itself that converts the raw input to a video, with different encoders creating a different “look” on video compression)

It’s not clear when I look at the typos

It’s the capture of my replay (developer console in replay)

Could you provide general settings?
I’ve changed settings different way, but it seems not working.

When I used Outplayed App, captured replay was very clear…

In that case, at least as a start, I’d recommend the following:
max_kbps → remove
auto_calc_kbps → set to true
base_frame_size_source → “Setting”
frame_size_ratio → “Original”

With these settings, you should be able to “overkill” the quality a little, meaning that from there you’ll be able to tune it down