How to capture only highlights like kill,death

Currently am using auto highlights mode. it is capturing for video for 20 seconds, How to capture video for before and after 2 seconds of the event.
I have tried setting auto highlights enabled to true and used
but it is showing
“success”: false,
“status”: “error”,
“error”: “Replay is already capturing. (UID]”
How to control video length by using auto highlights mode. I can achieve the same by manual capturing but if the system has another application which used auto highlights then we would see the
" [How to solve “Another app is using the replay service.”] this issue will come

If you enable the auto-highlights, you can’t control the timing - when it starts before the highlights and stops. We define it.

If you want to control the timing, use the reply API with auto-highlights disabled (AKA manual mode), OR, and use the streaming API in manual mode (the only mode supported by the streaming API).


But I use the manual capturing then the same issue occurs like Another app is using the replay service when ever other application uses auto highlights in the system. Please do help me on this?

As per the information given ,one app with auto highlights another with manual capturing wont work . But I have enabled manual in and used auto-highlights in my application. Even both application are capturing. Then how come my application getting error like Another app is using the replay service with manual and with auto-highlights

I’m not familiar with the fuze. Tv app’s internals. They might use manual or streaming API when they catch an error, or the described scenario is wrong, or other issues.

I recommend first finishing your app and then handle these kinds of issues. Or at least contact your account manager Moran and share with him your exact plans for this app.


Yeah, I have given this information to moran, as he said that he would comeback with an update. it would be great that if I get an update soon.

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Did you try to use the streaming API for manual capture? that solution should work as well.