How to capture video by session or Match?

I’ve looked up outplayed this app.

Do Session Capture and Match Capture differ between the game events? or there are other settings that we can set up to choose which capture setting we want?

Is this a general question about the capture api, or specifically a question about using outplayed?

I think this is a general question, I just want to know if it is true that I could capture the game when I open the game in the game center(even if I didn’t start playing), and there is another way can listen the match_start/end to start/stop capture the video.

And the third way is auto get highlight if the game are supportted


In that case, it should be possible yeah.
Essentially, there are two different ways to capture games, depending on the usecase:

  • Using the overwolf.streaming api - better for longer videos, but might be a little difficult to capture “highlights” with, as every capture starts up the recording engine for that capture, which could take a few seconds in some cases.
  • Using the api - better for shorter videos, as it is a “running buffer” that you turn on at the start, and then simply “cut videos” out of it and into files for every capture.
    • The capture api does also have an “automatic highlights” mode, where it’ll automatically capture highlight clips of the game, based on a pre-determined configuration (so like, “if a kill happened in game x, record the last y seconds, and the next z seconds, and also merge it with any other highlight from the upcoming n seconds”).

But those are just that, APIs. Actually starting/ending the captures can be triggered by anything from the user sneezing (if you have a feasible way of detecting it :P), to the game being detected as launched, to a very specific game event in the 3rd quarter of a 50 minute league game, etc. All you need to do is to simply call your preferred capture start method when the relevant event happens.

Hope that helps!