How to get PUBG mobile api status?


Right now my team is able is to get some data for PUBG mobile, for example, “/pubg/player/{id}/summary”, however we would like to be able to find out the general status for Overwolf’s api for PUBG mobile to see if the service is down or up.

I understand there are services for PUBG on PC as well as PUBG Lite to check this
for example for PUBG its:, but I can’t seem to find any documentation (official or “unofficial”) myself for PUBG mobile.

How can I achieve this?


The URL that you attached is not related to this case, as it’s a URL to check the event’s status.
BTW - it’s not the most up to date URL… the right one is

In addition, we are not supporting mobile. Just PC’s. You can’t run OW client on your mobile.