How to request a new feature

Got a great idea for an Overwolf feature? Excellent! You should tell us all about it. But before you do…

Make sure your feature isn’t already made or planned

  • Search this category with a few different terms.
  • Search the OW developer’s site, to see if your suggestion is not implemented already.

If your feature suggestion is already listed, you should support it by voting it, liking it and replying with any additional ideas or use cases that can help further communicate the usefulness of the feature.

Can’t find any mention of your idea? Great! go ahead and create a new feature request!

Status Reference

  • no status - we didn’t saw it yet.
  • in-progress - the FR is reviewing internally.
  • accepted - the FR was accepted, and we are working on it.
  • rejected - the FR was reviewed and we decide to reject it.
  • closed - the FR was closed for various reasons. (also we unlist it from the site)
  • done - well… the FR implemented, done and will be released in the next version.