How to Streaming with an RTMP provider

I want to configure the streaming setting to make the stream live on Discovered.

As per the attached screen

I have added the RTMP key and URL in the OVERWOLF stream settings, but I am getting an unauthorized issue as given below

Screenshot of setting configuration for live
Error in response of streaming

Also I have inspected the permissions of an array, even added more permissions that could be there
and added the Game Events of Fortnite but still, the same Unauthorized error is coming.

Here is my manifest.json file

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


Hey, and thanks for your patience. We forwarded the issue to our QA team for testing. We will get back to you with the results ASAP.


Thankyou @eransharv for your response

Hey @eransharv , Did you get any issues or solutions ?

hello @eransharv , I hope you are doing great.
I am still waiting for your response. Can you please reply whether you found any solution or not because already it’s 20 days and I haven’t got any response.


hey, sorry for the late reposonse.
can you please porvide me full logs (zip the log folder)?

Hello @EladBahar, Nice to meet you.
Here is the Zip folder of my sample code. (24.0 KB)

do i need user to use it?
can we chat in our Slack dev channel?

Hello @EladBahar, You should try this code. There is no need of user. (21.1 KB)

Yes we can.

nothing happen when i click Start.
are you sure you include the script in the html file?

i was able to call the command from the dev tools

  1. there is an bug, so you need to start a game to test it.

  2. i’m getting this error:

  3. are you able to streaming from OBS?

Hello @EladBahar,
sorry for the late answer.
There is some problem with RTMP url. The RTMP url is refreshed automatically, so I created new static RTMP url and I used Fortnite for testing. here i am attaching new code zip file. (21.3 KB)

Here is the error image -

Can you please check issues?


Hello @EladBahar,

I have checked the RTMP url and it is working fine for other platform but I got still Unauthorized error. Can you please check that issues and share the info for these issue ASAP, It’s urgent.

can you please upload the enitire log folder?
what is you name in our Slack Dev channel?

How can I get Slack Dev channel ?
I don’t have knowledge about it.

Here is the entire folder. (21.3 KB)

not the app folder

and are you able to stream it with OBS?

Hey @sarikasingh
Please contact me over mail to follow up on this issue.
Sent you a DM with my email.

Locking this topic.

Yes, It is working.