How to test notification in unpacked app?

I’ve found the same issue in Toast notifications

Still get the error Required app start menu shortcut is missing

And I saw the toast didn’t work on unpacked app
So how can I test my notification locally?


So, while this is a known issue, it’s priority is currently not too high.

The reason being, that as long as your app is registered on the developer’s console, you can use the ow-cli to locally sign the version you are testing, install it as a completely valid OPK, and then test the behavior.

If your app is not registered on the console, and you need to test this feature to proceed, simply submit your current version as a “version submission proposal”, and note down this situation (even this very ticket) with the submission, and our team will help set you up with the console.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the reply!!

But how to get the console permission?

Is it only when my app is already submitted, that I can apply for the dev console permission?
Or I can just submitted a beta version and keep testing in dev console?


Once the app is submitted, unless some extreme issue is found with it, it’ll be uploaded to the console and you will get access to the console for it.

Usually, submissions involve a minimal working version, but again, as mentioned above - you absolutely can submit a less-than-ready version, with a comment about needing the ability to test it as signed, and it should pass.

Hope that helps!

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