HTML Canvas not drawn in certain conditions

Issue Description:
If I have two windows opened, one ingame and the other one out of game, the out of game one being a native_window, canvas do not appear in the ingame window.

Steps to reproduce:
In LoL, with porofessor v2.5.0 or later, and two screens.
On the first screen (ingame screen) open the app (it should open a window on both your ingame screen and your secondary screen) and put your mouse on the ranking of a player. You should see a graph.
Then, modify the app so that the “ingame-charts” window is now native_window: true (this is the window which appears on the second screen), and restart the app.
Canvas element (this ranking graph in the ingame window) is not displayed.

Impact for my app:
Mid: being able to put the window native would be better.

Do you currently have a workaround?
Yes. I don’t put the second window as a native window

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs (1.6 MB)

This bug was fixed and will be released on our next version (probably 154).

@eransharv will update you once it goes live.

Pending CEF 83 release @eransharv (154)

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