HTTP or HTTPS requests from my app result in CORS policy violation errors

Trying to do simple fetch results in a CORS policy violation. Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

async function apiTest() {
  console.log("Testing api");
  let url: string = "";
  let response = await fetch(url);

I can add the overwolf-extension://* to the Nginx of the server I am requesting to, but I won’t have access to do that on any other server.

Is there a way I could go about disabling CORS inside of the application? It would make development a lot easier on my end, otherwise. What is the best way to go about sending requests?

I messed around and got requests working through a plugin, but this seems to be a really hacky/bad workaround.

I can confirm that adding externally_connectable to my demo app allowed me to send an XmlHttpRequest to to that URL and get a response.

"externally_connectable": {
    "matches": [""]

Don’t forget to reload your app after updating it’s manifest - via the Developers Options page (Through the OW client UI).