Implement Anti-Cheat Compatibility

Feature Description:

In order to ensure we’re getting fair and accurate player information, it would be great of Overwolf could detect and report if anti-cheat software is running.

Impact for my app:


What is your current pain point?

Our app relies on accurate game data to place players on the leaderboard. Cheating would obviously impact the validity of our product.

What do you have in mind to solve it?

Require the use of anti-cheat software, ether on a game-by-game basis (ex: Easy Anticheat (EAC) for Fortnite), or based on the client (ex: Valve Anti-Cheat on Steam).

Thanks, we got your request.
We will discuses it internally and update you here.


currently this issue is not in our backlog and not planned to be implemented soon, due to some technical and conceptual restrictions. If you want more info you are welcome to write us hear or contact the customer success team.

With your permission, I will move forward and mark this FR as rejected, but like I mentioned, you are welcome to continue the discussion here.

We’ll review internally. But thanks for the response. Feel free to close for now.