In Automatic highlights, match_start_time can be negative value if match is closed before highlight finished capturing

Issue Description:
match_start_time can have an invalid value if you leave the match before capturing finished.
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. setup automatic automatic highlights for rocket league
  2. go into a training match
  3. score a goal and immediately return to main menu
    Result: the highlight received within onHighlightsCaptured listener will have "match_start_time":-62135596800000. this value is the minimum value for a number and I suspect that it comes from trying to parse an invalid value to set the “match_start_time”.
    (search for the specific value on the web)

Impact for my app: low - rare case
Do you currently have a workaround?
Not using that value if it’s negative (3.4 MB)

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@Colorfulstan, we added it to the backlog of one of the following iterations.