Include Crash reports when building zip logs from the OW "Support" screen

Today manually building the zip logs from Overwolf doesn’t include the crash reports, which limits the information that is available to investigate when a user reports an app crash.

Could it be added?


Hi @sebastientromp,

Can you ellaborate which files are missing?


I was told that sometimes in UserData there were some crash reports, right? As far as I could see this folder was not included in the zip

@Heaser for your information.

@sebastientromp if we include the user data folder in the zip, will it be helpful for you?

I don’t know :slight_smile: I hope to find some more information about the crashes that happen today on my app (I have no useful log to go by today), but I have no idea if they will have that

OK. I will check that with our R&D and let you know.

@sebastientromp I discussed that with our R&D. It won’t be helpful from your side (to include the user data folder). But we will continue the discussion internally, to look for a better solution (product wise) from our side, regarding crash dumps.