Installing an application through .opk file is showing a black window. how to hide this

I am able to see a black window while installing an application through .opk file. Is there any way to hide it or is it possible to silent installation(I mean without any window)

Suresh Goud Bhimagnolla

Which black window exactly? You can also customize the installer through the dev console before uploading it to the store. But anyway, no silent OPK installation.


Here is the black window. which is getting displayed while installing an application through .opk file.

I have generated the opk file by clicking on the “Pack Extension”

Try to create the OPK manually:

  1. go to the same directory that you are using to load your app as “unpacked extension”.
  2. zip all the files.
  3. change the zip extension to opk.
  4. double clikc to install.


Instead of pack clicking Pack Extension. I have Zipped the ts folder and renamed it as .opk. When I double click on it. It is still showing the black window.

You can send zip me the relevant files/folder, and I will try. You can send it to me here or in DM.