• Feature Description:
    Add a way to set the max_size setting of a window during the app’s runtime.

Impact for my app: low
What is your current pain point: Hard to deal with DPI

What do you have in mind to solve it?
Add a setMaxSize() that works exactly like the recently added. ( but changes the max_size value of a window.


Hi and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally. Usually, it takes a few days. We will update you here.

Regarding the DPI - don’t forget to read about logical resolution:


An update: currently we decided not to implement this FR.
I’m closing the ticket.

Please feel free to comment and mention me.


An update: currently we decided not to implement this FR.

When rejecting FRs, is it possible for you to provide the reasons?

@sebastientromp sure, I will try to add more explanation when rejecting.

So the reason here is that we are trying to focus on the essential features with the highest impact and demand.

We define this feature as a “nice to have” as we think it will be useful for a tiny percentage of the usage scenarios in the platform.

Having said all the above, as I mentioned on the previous comment, we are always open to hearing your opinion: if you feel that we are wrong here, you are more than welcome to clarify and explain, and we will be happy to re-think about it :slight_smile:

After all this time, would still love this feature. With the new version of HA I want to make a window resizable but restrict it to be that of the min/max of ad sizes, so in this case min 300 pixels, and max 400 pixels.

However, this is simply not possible without setMaxSize as the manifest.json’s max_size is based on pixels on screen rather then CSS pixels, meaning any DPI setting other than 1.0 would break the behavior.

@heartharena to make sure: have you checked it recently - as we change some of the size and position functions, to support DPI changes. I wonder if some of these changes affected this bug.

Can you please try to reproduce it and update me? (with the exact steps to reproduce)

@heartharena, before closing this ticket due to a lack of response - Can you please recheck the above. Maybe our recent changes make the manifest max_size suitable for your needs. If not, and you are still interested, I can discuss it internally to see if we can add this feature.


I am closing this issue due to a lack of response.
You can always ask to reopen it by mentioning me with a @.