Is it possible to create opk file with 7-zip utility or any other command line tool?

Hi everyone,

I want to build a batch (windows *.bat file) file, that will build and pack opk file for me. To achieve this I tried to use 7-Zip console utility. But after I pack the opk file using the next command:

@set version=0.7.177
@7z a -t7z "..\PUBG Match Leaderboard-%version%.opk"

I am not able to install this archive as an overwolf extension. When I click Install Extension and select a file, nothing happens.

BUT When I pack a zip file with winrar (using *.opk file extension), I can easily install and use the overwolf application.

How can I achieve this with a command line tool like 7-zip?


I’m not familiar with the 7z commands, but I can tell you that I’m using the 7z shell extension (right-click) to create working OPK files, so for sure, it’s possible to create OPKs with 7z.

Here are the settings that I’m using:


Maybe try to set them from the command line explicitly. And that will do the trick.

Well, I have noticed a pretty awkward mistake. I should’ve used -tzip switch instead of -t7z, which defines a type of archive.

So the issue is closed for me.