Is it possible to update launch_events property of manifest.json over API?

Hi there!

Our app is launched automatically once the LoL launcher is started. We achieved it by this part of manifest.json:

"launch_events": [
    "event": "GameLaunch",
    "event_data": {
      "game_ids": [
    "start_minimized": false

Is it possible to change this behavior programmatically?

According to API docs, it’s only possible to edit auto_launch_with_overwolf setting.


@igor.shulgin currently through the API, you can enable or disable auto-launch for a game.
In a future version, we will add more options to configure manifest items like launch_events and more, through the API.

Thank you for the response!

Hi @eransharv ! Our team is back to implementing app settings feature, so I’d like to ask you - how is it possilble to manage app auto launch setting over API?

@igor.shulgin, the auto launch can be changed using overwolf.settings.setExtensionSettings().