Is running a NodeJS server is the background possible?


I currently have a nodejs custom dota 2 game-state integration server that fetches live game data and serves it on websockets. Is there a way for me to include this in my app and have this run in the background?

I already have a game overlay for streaming made months prior that I want to have displayed in-game using overwolf, but the game data provided by overwolf does not match my needs.

@CanonRadii sorry about the late response.

I think that in your scenario the best solution will be to develop an Overwolf app that uses the available game events for data 2, and for the rest of the events, you can:

  1. Ask us the required events as feature updates. If we can, we will put it on our backlog. (if we see demand or business opportunity here, we will try to help.
  2. Call your external server with REST API or other methods, to get external info from your server.

I hope it’s clear and makes sense.