Is there a way to prevent dropping files "into" the overwolf app from opening them (instead of the index.html needed)

So: When you’re clumsy like I am, and you try to drag/drop a file into a drop-target and you miss, the file will open and you’re stuck with that beautiful file display.

I can’t tell if that’s a bug since this is behaviour that is expected in browsers, or a feature request…so let me just ask it as a question :smile:

So my questions are:

  1. Is there already a flag in there to prevent such behaviour?
  2. If not, is that something overwolf might tackle?
  3. And as a final question: HOw would you go about solving it if 1 and 2 are answered: No?

@Colorfulstan I will check it internally and let you know :slightly_smiling_face:


@Colorfulstan can you please make sure that your block_top_window_navigation manifest flag is set to false?

Oh yea that works. Forgot about that possibility, thanks :slight_smile:

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