Is there is an auto persist-ency of size and location of the app?

Having a weird issue where the MainWindow is not loading with the size I specified in the manifest file.
I tried reloading, re-installing, etc. It looks like there is auto persist-ency of size and location of the app. Any ideas?

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IN short: yes, OW “remembers” the last size/position of your app. So if the user drags or resize your app, next time he will open it, he will get the last size. This is the default behavior.

In order to avoid this, you have several options:

  • Use min_size / max_size additionally to window-size.
  • Set the size and position of your windows from your code, using the API.
  • Reset the persistent window size:
    edit the file: %localappdata%/overwolf/settings/SettingsPageODK.xml and delete all values under the: WindowsPropertiesSettings section. Then, restart overwolf (better close Overwolf before).

We are working on a manifest flag to allow devs to disable this auto persistency.