Issue With Steam OAuth Redirect

Thanks. I will update you in the next two days.
Thanks for your patience.

I will probably need to escalate it to our R&D. I will update again later today. Thanks.


I escalated it to the R&D. After investigation, I will update here of course.
If you have any updates, please let me know.



I want to make sure that we are on the same page here:
did you implement the new SSO flow as described in this doc?:

It should solve your issue.

Please confirm.


I believe I did implement as close as I could to that documentation but the error occurs when on the last step when redirected from steam to the static page on the server. At that point it’s supposed to redirect to the app’s login page, which I believe it does and that’s when the crash occurs.

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HI, i am getting same issue with redirect, i also used this given guide to implement login with discord but i am stuck at the very same error. I have posted detailed question here Login using 3rd party app - #14 by ShoaibIqbal452. Please share if you have got any solution/workaround.

We’ll release a fix for this issue in about 2-3 weeks

The fix will be released on Overwolf version 168.

@andrew-gamurs please note that you should create and open a dedicated app window (and not a browser window) for the login process. An example for such window can be found here: App login with Twitch, Discord, Facebook or Google · Overwolf

Great to hear @itayG, is there an ETA on when the version will be released? We’ve already got the login flow changed to use a dedicated app window rather than browser, just awaiting 168 for testing

@andrew-gamurs ETA for v0.166 public release is about a month from now. Less for the developer’s channel version.

@eransharv it’s v0.168 right?

@andrew-gamurs, yes, sorry it’s a typo, of course. I mean 0.168.


We updated the developer’s channel to 0.168, which includes the fix. Please check and update us.


@andrew-gamurs please make sure to add the following to your externally connectable in the manifest:


Hey @eransharv, only just got time to look at this issue again.

I’m still getting the issue on Overwolf version 0.170.

I believe I’m following the suggested set up:

  1. Open a new app window that redirects to an endpoint on our server
  2. That endpoint on the server initiates Steam auth by redirecting to Steam
  3. Steam auth is set to return to another endpoint on the server
  4. That endpoint on the server veries Steam auth and redirects to the app page

It seems like on Step 4 it’s doing the same thing where it just crashes the app with no visible error.

The logs show the same error from the previous post

Hi @andrew-gamurs,

I want to forward it back to the RnD. For that, I will need more detailed steps:

  • Please attach the OPK of your app that reproduces the issue. (unless it’s the live version on the store).
  • Please write the exact steps to reproduce: which window should I open, what I should see, etc. If you can add a screen capture, that would be great.


Hey @eransharv

Here’s the OPK:
CSGO Stats-2.0.2-internal-3.opk (618.9 KB)

And here’s a screen capture of how to reproduce it:

OK, I was able to reproduce it. I will forward it to our R&D and update you without insights.


@andrew-gamurs did you update the “externally_connectable” property?

@itayG I did yeah, those entries were actually already in the externally_connectable property of manifest.json