JavaScript console Save As not working

I can’t save the JavaScript logs using Save As as explained here:

It does not work from the Ctrl+Shift+I window and it does not work from inspector.html accessed through local host either. The file save dialog just won’t show up.

I can do copy paste but collapsed objects content is lost or truncated. I was hoping Save As would show all logs.

Running client version:

we dp not support it at the moment (due to CEF limitations),
Can you try open dev tools via Chrome (navigate to http://localhost:54284/)
and try it

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Did not work either through localhost, as mentioned above already. :grin:

i missed that, sorry.
so it doesn’t supported for now, we will add it to our backlog to try fix that on the next CEF update.

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I found a very convenient workaround for this. Through the Overwolf Task Manager you can open any window console logs in notepad and just copy it from there.