League Of Legends - merge overlapping highlights

One of our users has reported that his LoL highlights are not being merged.
his issue looks like this:

this happens due to overlapping times between the events that triggered the highlights.

we would like to alter the pending timing of all of the events to be at-least as long as their past timing.

therefore, the minimum values are:
death: pending 0 => 12000
assist: pending 10000 => 12000
victory: pending 0 => 10000
kill: pending 2000 => 12000
double_kill: pending 2000 => 12000
triple_kill: pending 2000 => 12000
penta_kill: pending 0 => 12000

We’ll update the relevant highlights timing and update you once the new settings are live

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done. we will release it on the next version (1-2 days).

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