(League of Legends)Trying to get team info during champ select and history info before que's

I’m attempting to set up an app that can get match history information before games, player/team/enemy information during selection, and player/team/enemy team information in game. I’m not having much luck getting the information before the game starts though.

I used the starter app as a starting place then updated it to work for league. Got the in game information pretty easily.

Here’s my repo: lol-test-app/src/desktop at main · davidbaxter30/lol-test-app · GitHub

I’m trying to emulate this to get the summoner and team information: GitHub - overwolf/lol-summoner-team-info-sample-app: Sample app for getting LoL summoner/region and team info during "champion select" phase

Updated the files to TS but I’m not seeing any information come back. I’m logging information right until it hits the summonerInfoFetch.ts file. I think I was pretty faithful to the way the team info app you guys set up works but I’m not getting anything back.

Would love some help. I have an app I’d like to make with overwolf. Just need to verifty I can get the info I need before I start developing it.

<---- not on OW`s team, so might be VERY wrong.

might be due to the fact that you are missing the simple-io-plugin.dll in your build, you are trying to refer to it but it doesn’t exist both as a file and its also not declared on your manifest file as an “extra-object” so it wouldn’t work even if it did exist.

SummonerInfoFetcher → SimpleIOPlugin → bye

take a look on the original sample`s manifest.json file line #23-29

not 100% it would solve all your issues, but its a valid direction if you want to experiment by yourself.

a good doc to get started with on the subject is:

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Thanks, @boazrl.

@davidbaxter30, regardless, if you want to verify that we support the required events for your app - you should check the available events and info updates.