Let `changePosition` accept double as parameters

When calling overwolf.windows.changePosition or overwolf.windows.changeSize, I sometime get the Wrong parameter type in position 2. Should be int. value double error. Even though my code calls the API that way (which should always produce ints):

overwolf.windows.changePosition(windowId, Math.round(newX), Math.round(newY));

Would it be possible to have the API accept non-int as inputs? The way I see it work would be that it logs a warning, and rounds the value to the nearest integer, instead of failing.


@sebastientromp as far as I know, Math.round() in JS always returns an int. It’s unclear how the changePosition() gets double as an input if you are constantly using Math.round()… Can you please clarify?


That’s exactly my issue :slight_smile: I have no idea why the API says it receives an int (but it’s clearly a widespread issue that affects a lot of my users).

If the original suggestion is not possible, would it be possible to at least have the error message include the parameters it receives?

@sebastientromp, do you have any steps to reproduce, or it’s random?

Is it possible that this is the error is also sent when passing NaN or null?

@sebastientromp, not sure in 100%, but It’s possible.