Logging in with a subscriber user doesn't trigger the onSubscriptionChanged event

Issue Description:
When logging in with a user who is a subscriber, I would expect the onSubscriptionChanged method to be called, as the status of the current user regarding the subscription has changed

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): Login with a premium user. The onSubscriptionChanged event is not triggered

Do you currently have a workaround?
I could listen for logging events and then check the subscription status

I’m not sure that it’s a bug. I think that it was designed like this by the product team.
It makes more sense that the onSubscriptionChanged is for logged-in users that did a change on their subscription or for “regular” users that upgraded and subscribed.

I think that there are better solutions. One option is to add a new property “IsSbscriber:boolean” to the onLoginStateChanged event, a field that indicates if the user that just logged in is an active subscriber (“premium user”) or not.

Yeah it really could be by design.
Honestly it’s actually not a big deal, I just have to call the getAtivePlans method when I receive the loginChanged event

You can close the issue if you want

I will discuss that with the product team. We might consider adding it. Anyway, I will close this ticket for now. If we do a change, I will add it to the future changelog.