Login redirect issue

I have a login popup window that has 2 options, if there is no #hash it redirects to twitch for authentication, if there is a hash it passes login details to the main window and closes. The callback page for twitch is on my server and it redirects back to the same overwolf-extension:// url . However the page doesn’t work, it is completely blank. If I refresh the page manually in dev tools it works. This is super critical for me that on the initial redirect it actually works.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@bigKnightOut Hi, just want to confirm that you followed all the steps in this guide:

And you set correctly the externally_connectable flag in your manifest, etc.


Yes, I believe I have followed the same flow as mentioned in this tutorial.

Actually I didn’t have Twitch in my externally connectable list, however I just added it and the result is the same.

I can confirm that in other apps, the Twitch login is working (like outplayed). So it’s not a service failure.

And yes, I tested the OPK that you DMd me on slack, and even with the externally connectable flag, as you said, the result is the same (although it’s hard to try it - like the first time after installation, I was able to reproduce it. But since then, I immediately got for the “stacked” window instead of the Twitch login page_.

I want to ask you again if you can - please - check that you followed all the steps in our guide. If you can confirm that you did, and it still will not work - I might have to forward it to the R&D. So I want to make sure that we double-checked everything that we can before.


If you are getting to the “stacked” window (I am assuming that is the window which is not loading properly) it means the redirect from Twitch to my server is working ok, whether it does it instantly because you are already authorized and logged in or it needs you to login/auth, it will always result in the exact same url redirection to my server. If you want to test the complete flow one more time you can go into Twitch.tv → settings → connections tab → other connections and disconnect my app. Prior to contacting you guys I tried everything I could think of to solve this issue but I could see no errors, nothing in the logs, just a blank html file which when reloaded works correctly.

When you get to the “stacked” window if you open up the developer console and click on the login window so it opens up you can inspect that it is completely blank. But if you hit refresh it will continue as normal and you will be able to enter the app.

I have just tried…

  1. changing the redirect from window.location.replace(redirectURL) to window.location = redirectURL
  2. added a 3000 setTimeout to slow down the redirect
  3. tried adding a ?src=redirect to the url to make it a new url
  4. tried making a replica login/index2.html file and redirecting to that instead.

Everything I tried resulted in the same outcome. I am unsure what else to try. Perhaps open it in an iFrame within my webpage? But I doubt it will have the right scope.

All this has prompted me to change my mind and make the authentication happen on the website and provide the user with a code to login to the app. The main reason for this is that if the user has already logged into Twitch (as you’ve experienced) it redirects instantly. If they wanted to login as another user they couldn’t because they have no means of getting into overwolfs browser and logging out of Twitch.

Following our slack conversation, I will close the ticket - as you change the app’s flow.
We will recheck our manual to make sure that there is no issue on our side.