Logs in development mode

Issue Description:
I don’t see console.logs when using debug_url with multiple windows.
Only the background process shoe console.log.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. use debug-url manifest flag.
  2. open inspector for second window
  3. write console.log(“test”)
    Impact for my app: show-stopper

thanks @gsaada welcome to our community!
I will try to reproduce and let you know.

Thank you for you quick response.

@eransharv Do you have any update?
Thank you

@gsaada can you please send me on slack your OPK (with the same manifest that you used here above). And please mention what is the name of the window that your refer above as “secondary”.

Trying to reach you in Slack

I’m closing (changing the status to close, but the question is still available here) this one as we continued the discussion offline.