LoL launcher queueId is bugged

Issue Description:
Guyz, also found a very strange bug with getting queueId from launcher events - lobby_info with queueId is NOT fired if you enter ARAM lobby right after launching. But, if you enter any kind of Summoners RIft lobbies, then quit it and enter ARAM once more - event is fired successfully. Description for the video below + steps to reproduce (unfortunately Bandicam didnt record my cursor) :

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install/launch Buff (probably it’s similar for othe apps)
  2. Open LoL launcher
  3. Go to ARAM lobby (no need to start finding match) --> take a look at Buff console to the left - nothing is displayed there (i have a special log to fire when getting lobby_info .
  4. Exit ARAM lobby and go to any of the Summoner’s Rift lobbies --> take a look at the console - you will see a “special log” with queueId
  5. Exit Summoner’s Rift lobby and head back to ARAM lobby --> now it works fine and “special log” appears successfully


Impact for my app: mid-high

Please attach a zip package of your logs


Thanks for your patience during the holiday season. We are checking the issue and update you shortly.


@roquefore hi,

We checked the issue, and actually, it’s a non-issue:

  • The queue ID is available if you call getInfo()
  • If you enter ARAM, exit and get in again, the queue ID stays the same, and the LEP is not restarted, so no info update is fired. (But as mentioned above, the queue ID is available using getInfo()).

If you exit the game, wait 1 min till the LEP will terminate, and then enter ARAM again, you will see that you will get the queue ID still.

I hope it’s clear and makes sense. Please update me if it worked for you.


Hi. I’m closing the issue due to a lack of response. If you want to re-open it in the future, remove the status: closed tag.