LoL - match_clock event is not working in spectator mode

Issue Description:

match_clock event stopped working in spectator mode

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Join a custom game as spectator

Impact for my app: high (584.0 KB)

@igor.shulgin sorry for the delay. checking.

@igor.shulgin, @Shargaas did a test today, and it looks like it’s working as expected.
Maybe there were some updates since the last time that you checked.

Can you please make sure that your client is up to date, and then try to reproduce? If it’s reproducible, please attach your current logs.


@igor.shulgin any updates?

closing this ticket due lack of resonse. Please feel free to mention me if you want to reopen it.

Hey @eransharv,

match_clock event is not working in all game modes, please reopen.

@uzi it’s a known issue we are familiar with it and working on it.
@Shargaas FYI.

Fix will be released today.

@uzi fixed and released.