Lol: multiple auto attacks in a row do not trigger multiple damage events

Issue Description:
When autoattacking an enemy champion (at least in custom game) 2 times close to each other, only the first autoattack is recorded

Steps to reproduce:
In a custom game, Cassiopeia (you) vs Rammus (Bot). Right click auto attack on the rammus. The first auto attack damage will be recorded. Not the second one.

Impact for my app:
Mid: prevent some feature development

Do you currently have a workaround?

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs (1.2 MB)

@trebonius0 I will check it and let you know but in general, we sample the damage every 1-2 sec. So if there are two quick hits, we sum it up together.

@trebonius0 We tried to re-create the scenario you described here very accurately - same champions events, same actions to the letter, and we could not divine the same result.

All auto-attacks are recorded as they should be.

It seems that it’s the “total_damage_dealt” fields which are not sent each time.
Check the following video I made:

In that case, the physical_damage_XXX events are correctly sent but not the total_damage_XXX ones

We will check it and let you know. Thanks

@trebonius0 We created a bug and we will update you once done. Thanks.