Make app always on top in desktop

I’m currently porting an application from Windows Game Bar to Overwolf. Is there a way to keep an app always on top in desktop mode? Much like pinned Game Bar widgets would.

@Slion You have the windows-topmost manifest flag.


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I’ve seen that and even tried it but as stated in the doc it’s only amongst Overwolf windows. What I would like is actual top most amongst all apps as in:

The topmost flag should put your OW app’s desktop window above all the other windows.
If it’s not working for you, please tell me the exact steps to reproduce (if needed, you can also attach some demo app so I can reproduce it).


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I see, thanks for the help. The docs could be updated to make it clearer.

It turns out topmost works only if native_window is true. However I had disabled native_window as I need transparency too. To sum things up, on desktop:

  • Transparent option only works when native_window is false.
  • Topmost option only works when native_window is true.

Therefore it appears transparent and topmost are mutually exclusive, you can’t have a topmost transparent window.

Is there a way to get this working somehow?

Note that it’s highly recommended to use a native window that is not transparent as your desktop window, as it’s better performance and better UX from our point of view.

The topmost should work on none native desktop windows as well FMHO, but I’m not sure. I need to check it and maybe create a bug.

Is it a must from your side to work with a transparent desktop window?


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Yes, it’s been specified like that by our product manager. It could change again before release but at the moment that’s how it is.

Hey. I was not able to reproduce it back then. So I’m closing the ticket. If it’s still relevant, please mention me here, and I’ll reopen it.

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