Make in-game overlays accessible to visually impaired players

I’m looking into making my app accessible to visually impaired people. This means that they need a way to access the information that is present on the in-game widgets.

What I was thinking about was to give them a hotkey to cycle through all the widgets (or even specific hotkeys for specific widgets).
The issue I’m facing today is that there is no way to move the focus to any in-game widget without clicking on it - which is impossible for blind / visually impaired players.

My feature request is thus to have a way to programmatically move the focus to in-game windows. The grabFocus attribute of the bringToFront API is the closest thing that I could find, but it doesn’t work for in-game windows.

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Hi Seb!
We discussed your request internally, and wanted your feedback:
Would the ability to define key-bindings that also grab focus for their respective window when invoked, on top of their usual actions, cover your use case?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. So you mean defining hotkeys? That could work for the window that is toggled via a hotkey.

My main use case is a bit different though, as the windows I’m trying to put the focus on don’t have hotkeys today (they are overlays that are always visible). So I’m not sure if that would fit.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Just making sure - Wouldn’t it still be possible to add keybinds to these “always-on” overlays that don’t do anything (or potentially even invoke a method to grab focus inside the window of a specific element you want), while still using such a flag?

If so, we will add this request to our backlog, but do note that we cannot provide an ETA for it.

Hope that helped!

If I understand things correctly, I think this could work. As long as the window has focus (i.e. after I click on it today) it seems to work the way I want it to, so I assume that what you propose should do the job.


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Hey! Just checking up on this. Is there a way for me to track this item?
Cheers :slight_smile:

It is definitely still in the backlog, although some things got in the way. I’ll try to see if we can get a clearer ETA for it and let you know here. Thank you for your patience!