Memory reading in Overwolf

I want to make a proximity chat app for League of Legends, I have already applied to the Riot Developer page, and they accepted my application Idea. On the application, I explicitly stated that I would need the position of all of the teammates and would probably be using memory reading. The application got approved, and now I am looking for ways to develop my idea. One of my primary inspirations is an app named crewlink. This added proximity chat to Among Us and was a blast for my friends and me. The app was built with electron and used this package named memory.js. The issue is that memory js needs node-gyp.

My two major questions are:

  1. Can I perform memory reading with an Overwolf app without breaking rules
  2. How can I use things like memory.js on an Overwolf app

(I’m not sure if this is the place to post the second question, but I figured I would ask)