[Minecraft] Add weather, day cycle, item, etc events

Related Games: Minecraft
Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private):

  • Feature Description:
    Add game events for:
    killing a mob/player,
    mining, crafting, building.
    weather (i.e. raining and thundering),
    picking up and throwing an item,
    advancement unlocking,
    day/night cycle clock,
    being in a gui,
    current health, hunger, shield/armor level,
    switch an item in your hotbar/ moving cursor in hotbar
  • impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper].
  • What is your current pain point?
    if it is a 1 being none and a five being impossible
    it is a 5.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    If a normal event from minecraft code can be added to the real time events for minecraft can you do so for each one.

Hi Mysticpasta1,

Thank you for submitting your requested features.

We have added this to our backlog, and will address them according to GEP prioritization.
Do consider that these are a lot of events that our GEP does not currently have, so this may take a while, even if we decide to take it on straight away.