Minecraft stats names get cut off

Issue Description: Minecraft stats name seems to be getting cut off. Example:
The following should probably be: granite, wooden_axe, jungle_log.
Steps to reproduce: Play Minecraft, look at the general stats events content.
Impact for my app: low
Do you currently have a workaround? n/a

Attaching Overwolf logs & a log of the game events. Is the name supposed to be cut off or is this a bug? :slight_smile:
OverwolfLogs_2020-08-05_10-41-33.zip (1.6 MB) OverwolfLogs_2020-08-05_10-41-33.zip (1.6 MB) 8032-1596614753108.log.zip (1.9 KB)

Related to the above: also got this weird event.

@JesperGloot thanks we will check it and let you know.

@JesperGloot I talked to the team. And I found out that these values are coming directly from the game. I guess that the game engine takes these values and fetches a specific image with the full name. So we can’t do too much with the names if it’s not critical.

Regarding the JSON question: Is your mob stats are empty in the server?

Hi, this was done on a new minecraft account, so I can assume the cutoff values are the same everytime I play. Will play once more to see. As a note, there were no stats except for the things I had time in the first few 10-15 minutes of the game, so probably no mob kills.

I still struggle to interpret this event:
How should one interpret this event?
For example if I try parse the part of the JSON as a list, “]” does not mean anything.

Edit: played again, seem to get similar names, it is nice that is seems to be consistent.
8032-1597646744752.zip (1.6 KB)
OverwolfLogs_2020-08-17_08-46-24.zip (1.3 MB)

@JesperGloot thanks I will check it and update you.

@ionatan.albu Please see the last comment. So the issue now is:

I still struggle to interpret this event:

How can we move ahead and progress with it? why and when we send this mobs_stats JSON value? ("]")

Hey, i would try to help you from here, but a few questions first:
1.which version of MC you test the events?
2.its seems the ], its a bug and it will be fixed soon, its supposed to be an empty “”.
3.the mob_stats are empty?, or you killed some mobs and the json is empty?

  1. Version 1.16.2
  2. Nice
  3. I think the first logs was 0 mobs kills (A new World). In the second one I killed one chicken and got killed by one Wolf.

we released a new version, can you try again, and tell me if you still have this issue?

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Could not reproduce it anymore (GEP 155.0.3) Although not 100% certain if it was some other way than just opening the statistics menu. Tried both on a fresh world and a new world.

@JesperGloot OK. For now, I will close the ticket.
If you reencounter this issue - reply here, and I’ll reopen it.


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