[Minecraft] Support Minecraft Education Edition

With the recent release of Minecraft support @ Outplayed, users ask us for more editions of Minecraft.
one of those is Education Edition.

Education Edition is a separate distribution then the java edition that allows teachers and students to teach & learn using a friendly game environment.

Link to the Education Minecraft Website

Download Link for Education Minecraft:

@shir.brass do you mean Overwolf (overlay) support? or GEP support?

@itayG Assuming that it’s the same gameId, both Overlay & GEP support
if it is not the same gameId (similarly to PUBG & PUBG Lite), then Overlay is a must but GEP is nice to have (because we can manage it as a separate game)

@shir.brass Please forward it to @Heaser, so he will add the overlay support.
later, when we will have more data on popular versions, we will deal with it.

@shir.brass what is the status here? any progress?

as far as I know, no progress.
if you consider this as noice/clutter you may close this issue and we’ll continue via the common ways which are not discuss ( either internal request by @Eyal or via DevRel)

It’s not cluttered, but as we already asked and waiting to get a prioritized list of clients that you want to add support (backed up by data like popularity, number of users etc.) - we can easily close it as it’s a kind of a duplicate. Just make sure to insert this version to the list that Eyal is making.

Related ticket: [Minecraft] Add event support to All minecraft versions

Closing this one, thanks.

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