Minor bug in hotkey settings

I have a similar keyboard and it has " \ " both on the left side and on the right side.

If I assign one of these keys as a hotkey, the left one shows "undefined’ and the right one works properly by showing " \ " in Overwolf settings:


@surgeon, I’m not familiar with such an issue (we didn’t get other reports). Also, I can’t reproduce it - I don’t have a keyboard with the exact layout, but I have both of the keys, and I can use them to assign hotkeys (/ and \).

Did you get any user reports on this issue?


No, this is something I’ve found myself.

\ has different key codes on the left side (keyCode: 226, code: "IntlBackslash") and on the right side (keyCode: 220, code: "Backslash").

If you find a keyboard that has 226, you will be able to reproduce this issue.

@surgeon OK, I will forward it to our QA to test it with Keyboard.

@itayG FYI.

@Heaser Please read the above. I can’t reproduce it as I don’t have this keyboard. Please tell me if your team can take it from here and check it with such a keyboard. Thanks

@surgeon Hey,

It’s a known issue, and we already have an open bug on it. We will fix it very shortly. I don’t have the exact ETA, but it will be on one of the nearest iterations.