Missing crash log files on S3

Issue Description:

We’re using onUncaughtException to catch and upload crash logs to S3 but we’re seeing a gap between the crashes and the files that actually uploaded.

We add onUncaughtException listener almost before anything else in our scripts.
At that point we think that we’re missing the crash logs because the app crashed before the listener is starts.

Please advise.

What are you using to upload the logs?
OW 131 fixes a client error with uploading client logs.

Hey Colorfulstan :slight_smile:

I’m using overwolf.utils.uploadClientLogs(()=>{}), but this is not the issue (if I’m running it on the console, I can see the logs in S3)

The issue is that the app crashed so maybe this function didn’t triggered or the app crashed before onUncaughtException listener established.

The Issue I found (and got Overwolf to attend to with OW 131) is that logs with the named function are randomly not uploading. I assume that’s the issue you’re seeing (which is pretty obfuscated in your case)

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I believe that onUncaughtException not catching all errors especially the app crashes (compared log files and emails to redash crashing numbers).

@uzi make sure that your OW client is updated to v131, and tell me if the issue is reproduced.
If so, please send me all the relevant details/logs, so we can check this issue.

I closed the ticket as there is no update. You can always reply and mention me, so I will open it again.