MTG Arena GEP Events fail to starts on some users computers

Related Games: MTG Arena
Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): MTGA Assistant
Issue Description:
We have had a long time issue with users in Premier and Traditional Drafts where it seems that the GEP events are not starting. We have had a lot of trouble getting logs and figuring out what is wrong, we have done a lot of work with adding additional logging and debugging. And now now I think we are able to trigger the error in a way on our own computers that simulate what happens on their PCs. Could you have a look at the logs I have provided here and how to trigger the failing og GEP events in MTG Arena. In the Video I start MTGA as normal and MTGA Assistant starts, I go into a match and then I exit Overwolf when I am inside of the match. I and exit the match to the main menu. While I am there I start Overwolf again and I start MTGA Assistant. At this point Starting GEP fails. I know a lot of users get this error with just starting the game once and not fiddle around like I have done. But I think what happens on my computer here is the same error they get just under other conditions. The way I trigger it is possible on any PC. Please take a look at it, it is very important that GEP works as a few important features like Premier draft relies on it, most other things we do by reading MTGA Logs. Attached is OW logs form my session and a video of exactly what I did using MTGA Assistant v.2.1.1:

Can you reproduce it ( (1.8 MB) exact steps to reproduce): See video:
Impact for my app: [e.g. x% of the users complained about it, it’s a show-stopper] 10% of users are complaining about premier drafts not working
Do you currently have a workaround? No workaround

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs

@aetherhub to make sure - when the issue happens, is relaunching the GAME solves the problem? (I guess that the answer will be YES. I am just making sure).

On my computer yes. But some users tell us that this happens every time they start the game, so Im thinking if you fix this launch issue we are producing here you will fix problems for many MTGA users.

@aetherhub, what do you mean by “some users tell us that this happens every time they start the game”?

The reported issue is that the events fail to start after you exit OW in a middle of a game. You didn’t mention any issue about not getting events when you start the game after OW is up and running…

Another question: did the above reproduced also when you are using our events sample app for MTGA? or just in your app?

I mention in my post that we have users that have problems with Premier drafts that are relying on GEP working. I think it is likely it is related to the error that I manage to reproduce here. But never mind that, I just think that if you could figure out what happens with the GEP events during this scenario it will help users that have premier draft issues. I have not tried using the events sample app.

We did some tests now and it is the same in the sample app. The issue is related to the GEP it seems, so it does not matter what app is used.

I will discuss that internally and get back to you at the beginning of the next week. Thanks.

In general, GEP won’t work at all or will provide partial data when Overwolf is started “late”.
We are planning to improve this behavior for all of our supported games, but it won’t happen in the near future.

Regarding the Premier and Traditional Drafts issue you mentioned, I don’t think that it’s related to the (known) “late injection” issue. If you can find a way to reproduce this issue, we’ll be able to fix it.

I’ll be closing the ticket for now.

If you manage to reproduce the issue just reply to this ticket and it will be re-opened for us to fix.

Here are logs from a user where the GEP events fail every time they start MTG Arena. There are several users that have told us that this is happening. The reason Premier and Traditional drafts are affected is that these two events are the only ones we rely on GEP events, everything else is read from the mtga log. because of a bug in MTGA we have to rely on the GEP events in these cases. So if it is because of the “late injection” or not, I do not know. But I know it is related to GEP events not working. @itayG @Shargaas

Redacted (465.5 KB)

Can you expand on what you mean by started “late” ? This is a big problem for us. I can see that a lot of draft data delivered to our website is missing a lot of data caused by users encountering this bug. it seems like at least 50% of users have this problem. But not many reports it. I have attached a log from one user below that has this issue. this is an example of draft from a user where it works correctly: Premier Draft ZNR 22.januar 2021

Below are examples of incomplete data from users that have this bug. With a new set release coming up we need to do whatever we can to remedy the issue. Is there anything we can do in our app to prevent his GEP crash behavior?

@aetherhub We’ll check this issue ASAP.
Can you please explain us how to enter this “problematic” game mode? (you can also upload a video if possible)

Steps to reproduce with video can be found in my first post. The issue the GEP events are crashing every time many of our users launch MTG Arena and has Overwolf as auto-lanch, we do not know why this happens on their computers. But we have found a way to force this state to happen on any computer.

Following your conversation with @ionatan.albu, we are waiting to find a user that had this bug, so we’ll understand how to reproduce it.

Hi, @aetherhub

We released a GEP fixed that should solve the issue.
We will move ahead and close this ticket, and if you encounter any issues, please mention me here, and I’ll reopen it.