MTGA main_deck_cards incorrect on startup

Issue Description: The field for main_deck_cards should show the cards that are in the current deck in a draft. However sometimes on start up the main_deck_cards actually have cards from a different event or deck instead. I believe this is caused by opening a different deck or event before starting the app in a draft.The cards in the main_deck_cards seem to be the last deck that I opened or visited.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open MTGA
  2. Edit a deck or enter any deck building screen.
  3. Start a human draft (Traditional or Premier)
  4. Launch an OW app and call getInfo()
  5. The main_deck_cards might contain the card ids for a deck unrelated to this draft.

Impact for my app: high
Do you currently have a workaround?

I am instead trying to assemble the current deck list by reading the logs. But it would be a lot better to be able to up the app and have the correct information available in the game info. This bug is also preventing me from completing features that rely on correct main_deck_cards information.

This bug is apparent in the following response from getInfo that occurred 2020-06-16 20:36:12

This call was made after the first pack was presented in a human draft. So I was able to pick a card but had no cards in my deck at the time this response was given by getInfo() (2.0 MB)

{“success”:true,“status”:“success”,“res”:{“gep_internal”:{“version_info”:"{“local_version”:“151.1.1”,“public_version”:“151.1.1”,“is_updated”:true}"},“game_info”:{“scene”:“scene_draft_table_queue: “IKO_Premier_Draft””,“main_deck_cards”:"{“cards”:[{“card_id”:71080,“card_name”:“Flourishing Fox”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71077,“card_name”:“Drannith Healer”,“card_amount”:2},{“card_id”:71103,“card_name”:“Valiant Rescuer”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71123,“card_name”:“Keep Safe”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71180,“card_name”:“Drannith Stinger”,“card_amount”:4},{“card_id”:71183,“card_name”:“Fire Prophecy”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71189,“card_name”:“Go for Blood”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71097,“card_name”:“Snare Tactician”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71118,“card_name”:“Frost Lynx”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71126,“card_name”:“Neutralize”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71196,“card_name”:“Prickly Marmoset”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71204,“card_name”:“Spelleater Wolverine”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71111,“card_name”:“Capture Sphere”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71201,“card_name”:“Rumbling Rockslide”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71073,“card_name”:“Coordinated Charge”,“card_amount”:2},{“card_id”:71119,“card_name”:“Frostveil Ambush”,“card_amount”:4},{“card_id”:71084,“card_name”:“Imposing Vantasaur”,“card_amount”:2},{“card_id”:73123,“card_name”:“Plains”,“card_amount”:3},{“card_id”:73126,“card_name”:“Island”,“card_amount”:4},{“card_id”:73132,“card_name”:“Mountain”,“card_amount”:4},{“card_id”:71324,“card_name”:“Tranquil Cove”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71322,“card_name”:“Swiftwater Cliffs”,“card_amount”:1},{“card_id”:71325,“card_name”:“Wind-Scarred Crag”,“card_amount”:1}]}",“sideboard_cards”:"{“cards”:}"},“match_info”:{“draft_pack”:null,“draft_cards”:null,“draft_picked_card”:null}}}

@bmills95 thanks. We will check it on the next few days and let you know.

@Shargaas @itayG FYI

Hi @bmills95,

According to the steps you provided:

You first opened MTGA and edited your deck before having Overwolf open at all.
You only open Overwolf AFTER you edited your deck.
At that stage, it’s clear that the data that you will have there is incorrect because the GEP will only update data that happens after overwolf was launched. It cannot fetch previously meddled data because overwolf was non-existent at the time.

Also, it’s important for you to clarify (in order to understand if there really is a bug here) if you were in the main menu and then entered the draft from scratch, to know if the “main_deck” update was faulty and gave incorrect information or if you were already in the draft while opening Overwolf.

Regardless, the flow should be that you have your Overwolf and your app open BEFORE entering MTGA.

I am closing this issue due to a lack of response.
You can always ask to reopen it by mentioning me with a @.