My App doesn't start on Game Startup

My App doesn’t start on Game Startup.
The App is for “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege,” and when I start the game, running GameInfo() returns Game Id 108261.
I gave it the “GameInfo” permission and it looks that I set everything that I should in the manifest.json.
What shall I do?

The GameInfo() returns the Process Id. You should look for gameClassId.

Something like:


I am trying to build a small app for Slay the Spire. I looked into the GameList.xml, and it is indeed supported (ID is 212681).

When calling however I get a null result in the callback (and the game is of course running).

The manifest.json looks like this:

"game_events": ["21268"],
"launch_events": [
        "event": "GameLaunch",
        "event_data": {
            "game_ids": [21268]
        "start_minimized": false

And the permissions:

"permissions": ["Logging", "GameInfo", "FileSystem", "Extensions", "Profile"],

Is there anything else I should do to have the app launch alongside the game?


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Can you please confirm that your manifest contains the “game_targeting” flag?

something like:

"game_targeting": {
    "type": "dedicated",
    "game_ids": [21268] 

In addition, please confirm that your overlay is enabled to this game (through the Overwolf client settings). Without enabled Overlay there’s no auto launch.

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Indeed, I was missing the overlay setting.

Is this something all users would have to do? Can it be automatically checked somehow when they install the app?

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if your manifest contains the game_targeting flag, upon install, it should automatically ask the users to enable the overlay for this game.

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