Native windows are cut on some screen resolutions and/or DPI settings

Issue Description:
Overwolf reduces width and/or height of native windows when such windows are located on a screen which size is less than the app size.

For example, if your app width is 1280px and your screen width is 1080px, Overwolf will change your app width to 1080px so the whole app will be visible inside your screen. However, the right part of the app will be cut since this behavior is not expected (app content usually has a fixed size). Moreover, it should not happen when you move your native window from one monitor to a smaller one (e.g. from 1920x1080 to 1080x1920).

You can achieve a similar result if you change a scale factor in Windows settings (you may need to set 175% or higher on 1920x1080 resolution to reproduce the issue).

Note 1: if you move your native window from a smaller screen to a bigger one, Overwolf will reset the app size to its normal values.

Note 2: it happens even if you defined min_size in manifest.json.


  1. Warzone Tracker:
    – Normal view: (1920x1080)
    – Wrong view: (1080x1920, the app width was reduced automatically from 1280px to 1080px)

  2. Outplayed:
    – Wrong view: (1080x1920, the right part of the app is cut)

… and more.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Define a native desktop window in manifest.json.
  2. Specify its size (for example, width is 1280px and height is 720px).
    3.1. Change your screen resolution so your screen width/height is less than your app width/height.
    — or —
    3.2. Move your app from one monitor to a smaller one (for example, if your second screen resolution is 1920x1080, change the orientation to Portrait).

Impact for my app: high (it also affects many other apps).

Do you currently have a workaround?

hey @surgeon, thanks for the report.

  1. How many users are being affected by this issue?
  2. Can you change your app window size to support such cases?
  1. Unfortunately, I don’t know exact numbers. I know that it affects all users whose screen size is less than the window size (horizontally and/or vertically). This issue appears in all Overwolf apps where native windows have been implemented so it might be a massive problem at some point.
  2. No, we have a bunch of apps where the content is designed to support a specific size only. We cannot reduce the app width/height because some functions will be totally lost.

We checked the stats, and there are ~1% of users with <1200px (width) resolution.
This means it’s an edge scenario that I’m not sure that is needed to be prioritized.