Need a TestFlight-like method for distributing a test build to multiple devices

Feature Description:

The current method for developing an app requires you to package up and distribute a folder directory structure including a manifest, Files directory, etc.

It would be great if you guys provided a cloud-based method distributing a build to multiple testers. This could include both internal and external testers.

Rather than selecting files locally on their machine, testers would obtain the files from navigating a cloud-based repository.

Impact for my app:


What is your current pain point?

It’s very easy for testers to get an outdated build simply by switching grabbing the wrong .zip file or something.

What do you have in mind to solve it?

A slimmed down version of what TestFlight does for iOS developement:


This is obviously a big ask, but would greatly improve the developer experience.

we got your request. We will discuses it internally and update you. thanks

@JackpotRising We are developing the OW dev console, that will allow you to upload apps to review, updates and a lot of other features. The release of the first version should be during 2020. One of the features of the dev console will enable you to get a list of your app versions and probably a download link for each version.

As it will take some time to release the dev console and the above feature, and as it’s already in our backlog, in your permission, I will close this FR. Please tell me if that’s OK from your end.

Looking forward to that! Yeah, feel free to close this one.