Need a way to check the latest version of the app in the Overwolf Store

Feature Description:


Your app will be updated for your users after a few hours or as soon as they restart Overwolf. If you want to “force” them to update your app earlier, you can check for the user’s current app version by using the getManifest() method (the current app version is under the manifest’s “meta” property) and compare it to the latest one (stored on your server). If the user has an old version of your app, you can ask him to restart Overwolf.

Not specifically:

compare it to the latest one (stored on your server)

Ideally we would have a way to check the latest version of the app in the Overwolf store. Otherwise update notifications will not work as expected.

impact for my app:


What is your current pain point?

The updated check SHOULD be checked againt the store version, not a random file on our server.

  • If the store version gets updated, but our server file does not, this means users cannot be notified of the new version availble
  • If the store version is not yet updated, but the server file is, then users will be spammed with messages to update but not be able to

What do you have in mind to solve it?

Create an Overwolf API method that allows for retrieval for various data points from the store. Including latest app version.

we got your request. We will discuses it internally and update you. thanks

@JackpotRising in version 133, we released the new updateExtension() method, that allows you to update your app on demand.

Please tell me if that fits your needs and we can move on and close this FR.

Unfortunately not really. Our problem was not our ability to update the app (we were going to use a prompt to encourage folks to restart their app). The problem was we had no way to easily detect WHEN we should update. This does not appear to address that.

I suppose we could technically do some form of long term polling, but that sounds very expensive resource-wise. And we could do a check on load, but the app should already be updated by then, because it auto-updates when relaunched, right?

Perhaps consider a Overwolf API event that fires when the client detects an update is available?

hi @JackpotRising,

It looks that your are aiming to some kind of web hook, that will allow us to “signal” your running app that there is an update. Am I right?
well, i’m not sure that it’s required, as usually the users are closing and opening the apps quite often, so anyway they will get an update on such a case.

@JackpotRising FYI - I created a feature request for a new event and/or method that allows checking of the latest store version.

internal FR ID:PLAN-309

Glad to hear! Thanks!

@JackpotRising in v0.135 we added a new function - overwolf.extensions.checkForExtensionUpdate().
This function check is update is available or not. In addition, it returns the latest version in the store.

I marked this ticket as done. If you have any other comments regarding that please feel free to add it here.

Thanks, but looks like extwnsions might be a typo. We’ll confirm on our end though.

@JackpotRising yes sorry for that, i fixed the typo.