New feature blocks our app from listening client events

Issue Description:

The following feature will close Overwolf and our app and users won’t understand why the app isn’t opening or closing randomly.

  • Close overwolf when closing an app: Any app can now add the new ‘Shutdown’ permissions to it’s manifest, then call overwolf.settings.setExtensionSettings() with “exit_overwolf_on_exit: true”.

Impact for my app: SHOWSTOPPER

Hey Uzi,

This feature (exit OW on exit) was mainly targeted to serve the users of mods related apps (that prefer to close OW once their modes were installed). Do you know which app caused OW (and FC) to be closed during a LoL match in your case?

It’s new, and Overwolf published it as a public changelog so from that I understood that every app can add it, and in that case, it’s very bad.

in case you’re saying that mods can close Overwolf, the user launch the mod, then close Overwolf (by closing the mod window) next game he wants to play league with his friend and he doesn’t understand why the app not launching. (most of the users are not power users)

I understand.

Let me check this with our product team, I think that we can find a solution for this scenario.

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Hey @itayG,

Any news?

  1. Changelog says: “Any app can now add the new ‘Shutdown’ permissions to it’s manifest”.
  2. I can release this feature right now without any supervision.

there are more cases, and it’s breaking our listeners which can impact our users and their experience.
please advise.

@uzi meanwhile, I changed the note in the changelog. Now it says:

  • Note: This option shouldn’t be used without Overwolf’s permission.

And we will update you after we discuss that internally.

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As Eran said we are currently not allowing apps to add this flag without Overwolf’s permission + we are checking the number of users that might be affected by this unique case.