New World : Chat events

  • Feature Description: Chat event
  • impact for my app: show-stopper.
  • What is your current pain point?
    Dear Overwolf wizards,

My girlfriend is playing a lot of New World recently. She reminds me of me when i was 15 playing World or Warcraft, discovering a vast world, gradually improving her limited knowledge of the game, … Great memories.

The problem is, she is on an english speaking server but she doesn’t speak english very well.
This became a problem especially since she began to engage in a lot of 5 players group content thanks to New World facilitating group finding for casual players.

Not being able to understand other people terribly affects her gaming experience and she often asks me what are her groupmates are saying.
I am getting tired of translating boss strategies, i think an app can do it very well.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    What players like my girlfriend need is an application that translates chat in real time so she can understand strategies in her language when someone is explaining it to her, and simply enjoy the social interractions that are so important in a MMO.
    That’s why i would like to develop an app that translates chat in real time. (Simple)

By developping this application i hope to not only solve my girlfriend’s problem, but the problem of any person who experience difficulty in understanding the language used in the chat.
For example, i was myself stuck on a german server when New World first came out, and as a french, i would have definetly used that application, and most probably would have make some german friends along the way!

This would be easily doable if you add a Chat Event for New World.

Note: I have seen the request made for Path of Exile and League of Legends, i am just adding New World to the list. I think this event is important for any mmo, and i would definetly consider World of Warcraft as well.

TL;DR: a Chat event in New World

Hi Nether,

Thank you for submitting your request - it was heart-warming to read through and we appreciate your need and desire to help others with the same issues as well!

We have added this to our queue, and will try to promote this feature for you to be able to realize your plans. Do note however that currently the events for new world are especially tricky as a result of Amazon’s definition of what is allowed on their platform. We will let you know here of any progress!