[New World] locations of nodes in your vicinity

I’ve read on this Trello card that you’re planning to support the following events: location, character_name, server_name, and actions (mining, farming, and more).

Would you be able to also provide us with an event to dump the nodes in a player’s vicinity?
We could have clients automatically push the locations of the nodes near them to our server.
This would allow us to build the most accurate New World map available, without having to trust individuals to submit new markers - which is what all current New World maps do as the data in the game files themselves is deprecated.

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Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.


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Hi Jasper.
A tip from me: All the nodes in game, no matter the realm / server, are static.

So you can just look on the x/y coordinates of the characters and then from a database give your app “nearby nodes” that way.

// Joakim

Thanks for the message!

The nodes may be static right now, but they still have to be found.
All maps currently rely on users to manually input a position/node combo when they find a new one.

Yeah there is that.

I plan using the “actions” stated in the trello card when players hit a node and store that with their current x,y,z to “fill in the blanks”.

// Joakim


We have paused all further development for New World features.

Unfortunately, I will have to reject this FR.

We will let you know in this thread if there will be any changes regarding this.