No file system access with debug_url and reload issue

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Coding Course Gaming App LVL

Issue Description:

Both issues only happen if debug_url is set in manifest.json.

1: Overwolf not ready

On first start, Overwolf doesn’t seem to be ready if debug_url is set. You can reproduce this issue by disable, enable and launch the app. If you reload the window in the developer tools, the error is gone.
This happens not all the time.

Uncaught ReferenceError: overwolf is not defined at main.js:3

2: Load media

If you try to load media via overwolf:// or file:///, it is blocked if debug_url is set. I placed a test.mp4 in this folder which was recorded with the overwolf replay api. Please move this file to your Overwolf video folder.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

Do you currently have a workaround?
For the first issue, I have a function which reloads the window if Overwolf is not loaded.

For the second issue, I don’t have a workaround. Except, not to use debug_url.


Sorry for the delay. I was able to reproduce it (thanks for the detailed example and all the info!)
We are checking the issue and I will update you here.


There is another issue with debug_url. It seems incompatible with block_top_window_navigation. Can you check this too?

@lmachens I already created a bug for our R&D about the first issue.

Regarding the second issue: It seems incompatible with block_top_window_navigation`

Would you please elaborate on this? How to reproduce it?

If you add block_top_window_navigation, the debug_url is not loading.
You can try it out by adding block_top_window_navigation to a window which is loaded from the debug_url.

@eransharv any update?

Yes, the QA team is working on it in this dev iteration. I will update you.

Hey. I am updating that we reschedule the bug for the next iteration. I will keep you updated.


There is another issue if you create a link to change a hotkey:

<a href="overwolf://settings/games-overlay?hotkey=show_hide_app&gameId=21816">

This results in this error if debug_url is activated:

Not allowed to load local resource: overwolf://settings/games-overlay?hotkey=show_hide_app&gameId=21816
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Hey @lmachens,

Sorry for the delay. I rechecked the status with the R&D, and I asked them to push it.