No Sound from video playing within iframe

In our app, when playing a video within an iframe, there is no sound to be heard.
It works in a minimal demo app (testing with youtube embed)

What can be different in our app that prevents the sound?
When using local players sound is fine.

Thanks for your time!

Hi, can you please clarify what you mean that it’s working on “a minimal demo app”?

To clarify, when you are taking the share source code from YouTube, for example:

<iframe src=";autoplay=1&mute=0" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Don’t you hear a sound? Even if the mute param is set to 0?

For testing I simply added the embed iframe into both
a) the basic overwolf demo app, just in the html
b) replaced our iframe player with the same embed code (in a template of a single file component in a more complex vue app)

Sound is hearable in a) but not in b)

With native video tags, there is no issue with the sound.
On the visual player within the iframe, it was not muted and volume on full.

I managed to solve it by adding the iframe host to the manifest as

@Colorfulstan, thanks for the update! Glad it’s working.