@/€ not working within app using german keyboard layout

Issue Description:
There is one issue and one strange observation in here:

  1. When using german layout, I can’t type @ or € within our app (anymore). The key combination is ctrl+alt+q / e for @/€ respectively. It also does not work using ALT GR + q/e which is the alternative.
    If I switch to english layout, shift+2 works to create the @ character, as well as using the asci code Alt+64 (works in german layout as well).
    It’s not my keybord, it works everywhere else.
    But it seems it doesn’t work in any overwolf app!

  2. While testing this behaviour I saw that when I have focus on the overwolf App and change the keyboard layout, this layout is only applied and saved for the app.
    So when switching between the app and windows, the layout switches back and forth. Idk if that is expected behaviour or even somehow related to 1)

Steps to reproduce:
2) can be reproduced as described above.

  1. only happens for me apparently and not for my teammates, so no reproduction there I guess. You can try to set your keyboard layout to german and see if ctrl+alt+q gives you the @ character

Should be fixed on Overwolf version 153
@eransharv please verify and close this ticket

@Colorfulstan it should work now. OW client v0.153 is already phased to %25 from our users. And you can find it also under the Developers channel.

I’m closing the ticket now. IPlease confirm it’s working for you as well. and if you have an issue, please mention me and i’ll reopen it.